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Alternative holiday ideas in Greece

Safer tourism in a post-COVID world

A lot has been cancelled in 2020 since the pandemic outbreak, but it looks like the summer holidays might not be! Nevertheless, things have not yet gone back to normal and it is of great importance for travellers to take all the necessary precautions needed to stay safe and protect others. Here are some of the safer options for holidays in Greece for those who are adventurous:

·       Yachting: Explore the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian with your closest pals! Yachting is one of the safest tourist activities you can partake in this summer. Avoid crowded beaches and large resorts by renting a yacht to navigate the uncharted seas of the Mediterranean. It is still important to ensure you don't go on board with too many passengers and you socially distance while docking at the harbour. Nevertheless, a yachting adventure will ensure greater protection for you and your friends as you traverse the seas and leave the bustling city behind... Feel the gentle rocking of the boat lulling you into a midday siesta nearby one of the hundreds of beautiful beaches in Greece only accessible by boat.

·       RV: If the idea of travelling by yacht makes your stomach turn, renting an RV for an idyllic road trip around Greece might be the ideal summer holiday for you! Depending on where you are travelling from, visiting Greece by trailer or RV is a good way to prevent air travel, which is much riskier in terms of coronavirus transmission. While Greece is popular for its beaches and seas, the mainland has a myriad of natural gems and ancient monuments that should not be overlooked. Visit the majestic waterfalls at the Tzoumerka National Park for a memorable hiking adventure as you head to the UNESCO-protected monastery complex of Meteora. As Greece is a small country you can travel from the Southern villages of the Peloponnese to the Northern area near Thessaloniki in just about 7 hours, giving you great flexibility to make many stops and discover quaint villages all over the mainland.

·       Private Housing & Airbnb's: Private accommodation is a safer option compared to hotels and beach resorts. Opt for accommodation with a private kitchenette for added protection, allowing you to prepare your own meals while reducing the risk posed by potential virus transmission in large-scale hotel restaurants and kitchens. Nevertheless, it is still important to disinfect the surfaces of the accommodation when you check-in, to ensure a COVID-free getaway. There are so many options for places to rent regardless of your budget, whether you want a pool or prefer something more low-key such as a beautifully-restored cabin in the woods owned by a local.

Despite the havoc created in our lives due to the pandemic, there are some safe ways in which we can reclaim our summer holidays. Nevertheless, it is very important to keep ourselves and others safe by following national and international guidelines for safe tourism. Open-air activities and uncrowded locations are your friends right now and it is the ideal time to go off the beaten path to explore the pristine countryside of Greece.