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Chinese authorities do not allow seaman to go to hospital in medical emergency

During the pandemic, many cases in which seafarers' human rights have been violated have come to light.

In a recent incident, the ship's first engineer, who was bleeding from his mouth and who was probably very seriously ill, spent 12 hours waiting for permission to get ashore for medical help.
But even when that happened, they did not even let him get out of the ambulance. A doctor examined him there (in the ambulance), gave him some pills, and sent him back to the ship. 5 hours later, again the man complained that he was not feeling well at all.

After that, the captain (Tymur Rudov) sent an e-mail to everyone and told them that the man must leave the ship immediately because his condition is very bad. The answer he received was again shocking, telling him that the authorities and the terminal have not yet decided whether they should unload him!

Even more shocking is that the first engineer was a Chinese national! What would happen to a sailor of another nationality? In China, they are not even interested in human rights! In a way, however, the country must be forced to respect human rights and the law.