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Get that ‘Greek Summer Feeling’

New Tourism Campaign

The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) for the first time has embarked on a strategic partnership with Bloomberg with the international launch of the new Greek Summer Feeling digital campaign.

Based on a webpage with immersive content hosted on, the campaign aims to communicate all the unique aspects, feelings, notions and values that define Greece as a country and culture, and promote the Greek Summer experience.

“GNTO’s key priority for 2020 is to boost confidence on the destination and inspire travelers to visit Greece, choosing it as their safe heaven for this summer… or just ‘dive in’ that impeccable feeling of summer from wherever they are,” the organization said in an announcement.

The campaign

The GNTO’s flagship video Destination Greece-Health First is the campaign’s central element, which includes an inspirational branding for the destination combined with a solid reassurance on health and safety protocols, addressing the audiences’ need for reassurance at all levels.

The core content of the Greek Summer Feeling campaign is structured around six feelings and actions:

  • Get Inspired – accentuating in this way inspiration from Greece’s heritage and culture.
  • Be With the People you Love – bonding with family and friends.
  • Enjoy Small Pleasures – enjoying food and gastronomy.
  • Connect with Nature – connecting with the country’s diverse nature.
  • Feel Free – feeling free through the thrill of sports or by seeking solitude in an earthy retreat.
  • Breathe Summer – opening your body, mind and spirit to breathe in all that summer is.

Through its partnership with Bloomberg, the GNTO expects to reach the world’s most affluent audiences and travelers.