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Ghana suspends mandatory COVID-19 vaccination for seafarers

Ghana Port Health has now suspended mandatory Covid-19 vaccination and associated fines.

Namely, the UK Club received information from Budd Group, informing that Ghana suspended the mandatory Covid-19 vaccination and USD 3,500 fines for non-compliance until further notice.

The implementation date for these measures had already been postponed several times.

Earlier, Ghana had made the following clarifications:

The date from which fines will be applicable

At the request of GPH who wish to make sure that this new measure is fully understood and that vessels have time to vaccinate their crews, the exact date at which the fine of USD 3,500.00 per unvaccinated crew member will come into force is currently under discussion at ministerial level.

Vessels at Anchorage

If the presence of a Ghanaian resident is required onboard a vessel, even if it remains at anchorage, all crew members must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination or accept vaccination in Ghana.

Refusal to Vaccinate

At present, if an unvaccinated crew member refuses the mandatory vaccination, his vessel will not be granted free pratique. The vessel may be allowed to transfer the unvaccinated crew member to another vessel at anchorage as long as that vessel is not intending to carry out any operations for which the presence of a Ghanaian resident will be required.


The vaccine is provided by GPH at the moment is Johnson and Johnson.