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Greece at the top of world Shipping

Greece holds third place in the countries with the largest merchant fleets in value, according to data published by the ship valuation company VesselsValue in November 2021.


The value of the fleet and the competition with China and Japan

The value of the Greek-owned fleet increased within ten months from $ 93.2 billion at the beginning of 2021 to $ 145.887 billion.

In first place is the Chinese fleet, valued at 191.253 billion dollars, and in second place is the Japanese fleet with a value of 187.674 billion dollars.

Greek shipowners control the largest tanker fleet in value ($ 41.553 billion), followed by the Chinese ($ 27.174 billion) and the Japanese with $ 24.048 billion.

Greek shipowners also control the third largest fleet of bulk carriers ($ 52.760 billion) and the first fleet of LNG Carriers (liquefied natural gas) ($ 19.118 billion).

For Greece, with current prices soaring, the value of the LNG fleet has increased by USD 2 billion since the beginning of the year.

The Chinese are ahead of container ships ($ 78.806 billion), followed by the Japanese ($ 49.009 billion).

The Chinese also rank second in bulkers ($ 53.215 billion) and second in tankers ($ 27.174 billion).

The Japanese rank first in bulkers ($ 62.900 billion), second in containerships ($ 49.009 billion), and second in LNG Carriers ($ 18.130 billion).