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The Greek Ministry of Tourism announced actions for the promotion of Halkidiki

The Greek Minister of Tourism, Haris Theocharis, announced that additional actions for the promotion of the destination of Halkidiki in Northern Greece, which this year was affected by the strict measures due to its pandemic of Covid-19.

Mr. Theocharis met with local authorities on Monday (September 14th) to discuss promotional actions, using 32 billion euros in recovery funds, as well as ways to cover lost space due to the pandemic and restrictive measures implemented there.

The minister pledged to take actions that will help boost the local economy and employment and restore the area’s reputation, in addition to the Greek National Tourism Organization’s (GNTO) marketing program planned for next year.

Halkidiki is among a number of other Greek destinations to get extra exposure as part of a newly announced promotional program to go into effect next year, which Theoharis announced during the Thessaloniki Helexpo Forum on Monday.

Theoharis also emphasized that all decisions were made under the guidance of health experts for the safety of Greek citizens and visitors while at the same time in effort to protect Greece’s brand name.