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Minerva Red: High concentrations of Saharan dust over Greece

A major plume of Saharan dust affecting much of Greece, which was given the name "Minerva Red", is expected to subside during the course of Wednesday, according to the National Observatory of Athens DUST/METEO service. 

Athens, like dozens of areas across the country, was painted orange on Tuesday, April 23, due to the high concentration of African dust.  

Health alerts issued as African dust covers Türkiye and Greece - Turkiye  Newspaper

The American NASA Aqua satellite that passed over the country on Tuesday morning (23/4), recorded in high resolution the intense wave of African dust "Minerva red" that took place in the Eastern Mediterranean area affecting Greece to a very large extent

Prevailing west-northwesterly winds will gradually carry the dust toward the Aegean Sea, while high concentrations of dust are expected on Thursday over the islands of the Dodecanese. 

The wave of African Minerva Red dust has not only affected Greece. It is recalled that air traffic was suspended in eastern Libya yesterday due to a strong sandstorm coming from the Sahara, which was also the reason why public services and educational institutions were temporarily closed, according to local authorities.

A problem was created at all the airports in the region, mainly at Benina in Benghazi where the runway was covered by a thick layer of sand.