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USA Ambassador Says Increasing Flights from US to Greece a Priority

USA Ambassador to Greece George Tsunis said that talks were underway to increase the number of flights from the United States to Greece during the “Greece Talks” conference held this week in Thessaloniki.

Addressing the conference, Tsunis said proposals also included boosting flights from the US to Thessaloniki due to its close proximity with Balkan countries.

Tsunis acknowledged that more flights from the US to Greece were necessary, adding at the same time, that there was a global issue of airplane and pilot shortages.

“We’ve gone through a decade and a crisis where there was not a single direct flight from the United States to Greece, while today there are 11 daily,” he said, adding that “we don’t have flights from Miami, Texas, Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the second largest market in the US – and the one that desperately needs them – Los Angeles,” he said. 

Efforts were being made not only to increase flights to Greece but to Thessaloniki also, said Tsunis, adding that one possible candidate was United Airlines.

According to the ambassador, more than 1.4 million American tourists came to Greece in 2023 and more are expected to visit this year. Additionally, he said half of this figure came to Greece on cruise ships.

In order for airlines and cruise companies to increase connectivity with Greece and Thessaloniki, said Tsunis, infrastructure upgrades are necessary to meet the rising demand.