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What do you do after you get back from a memorable trip?

Every traveler knows the feeling. You’ve just returned from an amazing tour, your mind full of your favorite experiences, your camera full of photos, and your suitcase full of keepsakes. You want to share stories from your travels, but you’re not sure where to begin.

Here are a few ideas for what to do when you arrive home to keep memories of your recent adventure alive.

5 things to do after a memorable trip

1. Cook a destination-themed meal
Did you taste the most mouthwatering paella in Spain or handmade pasta in Italy? Add this newly discovered dish to your list of recipes to try. Search for similar recipes online and recreate the tasty meal for yourself, or invite friends and family over to experience the local flavor together. There’s no better setting for exchanging travel stories than around the table.

2. Create a photo book
Chances are, you snapped a few—or maybe a few hundred!—photos during your trip. While there are so many ways you can instantly share your travel photos on social media or print them for a traditional album, creating a digital photo book is another fun way of showcasing your favorite shots. Services like Shutterfly and Blurb make it easy to design your own photo books that tell the story of your recent adventure. It’s as easy as uploading your digital photos, choosing a template, and dragging your favorites into the layout. Voilà! You now have a new book for your coffee table—and an easy way to relive your trip with family and friends.

3. Write about your favorite moments
The best time to get your ideas on paper is when your experiences are fresh in your mind. If you keep a pen handy while on tour, it’s easy to jot down interesting facts you learn from local experts on your itinerary or in a small travel journal. Then, take a few minutes during your plane ride home to recap your daily adventures. You can note anything from the most interesting thing you learned about the culture to the name of the tasty gelateria you popped into. You’ll enjoy looking back on your account in years to come. (If writing isn’t your thing, this travel stub diary is another great way to collect your memories.)

4. Get creative with your souvenirs
The word “souvenir” comes from the French word “to remember,” these keepsakes can be a wonderful way to keep memories of your trip alive. Souvenirs that represent a piece of the local culture can be the most valuable ones to bring back with you. Items like ceramics from the Amalfi Coast or scented ornaments from a Christmas market in Budapest are useful, beautiful, and tied to production methods unique to a certain region. Every time you put a practical memento to use or glance at special, handcrafted items on display, you’ll be reminded of your travel experience.

5. Keep track of your trips
A map can help you visualize where you’ve been—and help you plan where in the world you’d like to go next. After each trip, check off countries you’ve visited on a digital map, or mark them on a paper map. Seeing your travels documented is the ultimate reminder that there’s always somewhere new to explore on tour.