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Which countries lift the restrictive measures against COVID-19

Many countries in Europe and around the world have relaxed or lifted restrictions in recent weeks in an effort to return to normalcy.

More specifically:

  • DENMARK: The first European country to lift all anti-covid restrictions as of 1 February.
  • NORWAY: Removes most of the remaining restrictive measures against COVID-19. The basic precautionary measures are maintained
  • AUSTRIA: postpones the mandatory vaccination for mid-March instead of February.
  • SWITZERLAND: abolishes the Green Pass and some restrictions.
  • IRELAND: followed by the United Kingdom.
  • CZECH REPUBLIC: the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination is abandoned.
  • SPAIN: wants to trust natural immunity and classifies Covid as flu. Removes the Green Pass.
  • GERMANY: abandons the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination.
  • BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA: becomes the first European country to refuse a Covid passport.
    UNITED KINGDOM: removes all restrictions.
  • ISRAEL: no longer needs a fourth dose, as it has no effect and removes the Green Pass.
  • CANADIAN - Quebec: the third dose is no longer recommended for people over 70, the side effects are too many.
  • USA: US Supreme Court blocks compulsory vaccination of workers.
  • USA - FLORIDA: They have banned the introduction of vaccination requirements or restrictions, outdoor and indoor masks even in schools. Those who try to impose the use of masks indoors risk administrative sanctions (fines).
  • INDIA: stopped Covid-19 by stopping vaccinations and distributing a free set of medicines.