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Athens Marathon. The "Authentic - 2020 Virtual Edition

The Authentic Athens Marathon, this year, due to the pandemic and Sweden-19, will be held virtually for the safety of all participants.

"Virtual Athens Marathon 2020"

The race "Athens Marathon. The "Authentic - 2020 Virtual Edition" will take place from 08 to 22 November 2020, giving the opportunity to those who wish to take part in a different race.

What a Virtual Run is?

Virtual is a running event in which you may run the distance you will state upon registration (Marathon 42km, 10km, 5km) anywhere around the world, with whaever pace, indoor or outdoor, alone or with a friend, any day between the period that this virtual run lasts.

It is a private but very real running accomplishment, which also makes you feel that you are part of an actual race, in which you cannot see your co-runners, but they are there, they are running the same distance, however a different course, in another place and maybe on another day. Participants are allowed to run the distance in any way they like, and after they submit their time, they will receive a medal, the official event’s t-shirt and a participation certificate.

What do I have to do to take part in the 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon?

You need to download the event’s App "Athens Marathon and Half".

Get it for free (available either for IOS or Android) and choose the “2020 Virtual Athens Marathon”.

Then, submit your entry in the event’s website ( and pay the required entry fee.

What is the price to enter the 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon?

The entry fee in the 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon includes mailing via courier of the race kit (medal, official adidas t-shirt by adidas, participation certificate) to the runner’s home address. It is set at 22.00€ for residents of Greece and 32.00€ of abroad (the difference in the entry fee is due to the different cost for courier postal abroad).

When will the 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon be held?

Start Day: November 8th, 2020
Finish Day: November 22nd, 2020

The fact that the race lasts 15 days allows you to run the distance you will select upon registration on any day between this period, or even more than once, improve your time, submit your updated result and see yourself climbing up the event’s ranking

Self Improving is the Goal!

What are the available distances?

• Marathon 42.195km
• 10km
• 5km

Select more of the above by submitting one entry per distance.

What is in the Race Kit?

Bib Number that you will receive by email along with your entry confirmation.
Participation Certificate that you may download from our website after the event is over.
Τhe medal of the 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon, to be mailed to your home address.
Τhe official 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon Τ-shirt by adidas, to be mailed to your home address.

Post mailing via courier to your home address is included in the price of the entry fee. Mailing will be carried by DHL within about one month after the event

In the meantime, you may use the 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon application to:

• Take selfies using unique filters that will make think you are really running the Athens Marathon Authentic Course
• Share your photos with your friends on social medias as you are running your race
• Nominate and Challenge your friends to join you

What are the steps to follow in order to take part in the 2020 Virtual Athens Marathon?

Step 1: Download for free the "Athens Marathon and Half App" and select “2020 Virtual Athens Marathon" (available in Google Play and App Store).

Step 2: Submit your entry and settle your entry fee. You will then receive your bib number by email.

Step 3: Choose the day you wish to run, between November 8th and 22nd (not before that or after)

Step 4: After you run, take a photo of your smartwatch or a screenshot of your smartphone showing your time result and the distance you have.

Step 5Send us the photo or screenshot with your time, by clicking on the “Submit Result” button in the application.

Step 6See the results and ranking list at the end of day. Check your place any maybe improve the next day.

We run anywhere we are! Let’s have fun together but apart!

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