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Coronavirus Restrictions for Regional Units of Ioannina and Kozani

Restrictive measures will be imposed on the entire regional units of Ioannina (western Greece) and Kozani (northern Greece) for five days, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection said on Wednesday.

The announcement came after it was announced that 26 and 29 new coronavirus (Covid-19) cases were detected in the regional units of Ioannina and Kozani respectively. It is noted that on Monday, restrictive measures had been announced for the Municipality of Ioannina.

According to the Greek authorities, the following restrictive measures will be in place from 10pm on Wednesday, October 7, until Monday, October 12:

– All restaurants, bars and cafes will be closed from midnight until 5 am.

– All public events, such as parties, bazaars and religious processions are prohibited.

– Open-air agricultural markets (“laiki”) can operate with only 50 percent of farm producers, per category and with a five-meter distance between each portable bench.

– Gatherings in public or private spaces, involving more than nine people, are banned.

– A four-person cap at cafe or restaurant tables has been imposed (six persons are allowed if they are all first-degree relatives).

– Masks are mandatory in both outdoors and indoor spaces.

Greek health authorities on Wednesday announced a total of 407 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 20,947. The Covid-19 death toll in Greece has reached 424.