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Covid-19: Greek measures to prevent a second wave of the disease

The increase in Covid-19 incidents this month is leading the Greek authorities to take the necessary measures to avoid the impending second wave of the pandemic.

Experts expect an increase in infections from the fall due to returning indoors and stress that the use of a mask is the best protection at the moment, in order to avoid a second round of lockdown measures.

What additional measures have been taken in various areas of Greece

The Attica Region has funds for additional recruitment of medical and nursing staff.

In Attica, where experts expect the highest number of cases in the coming days due to the return of holidaymakers and the opening of schools, the Regional Governor, George Patoulis, finances with almost 100 million euros the strengthening of medical and nursing staff in 73 health structures. Attica for the next two years.

In Athens, the mayor, Costas Bakogiannis, also announced a management plan for Covid-19.
In collaboration with the National Public Health Organization (EODY), the municipality will carry out daily disinfection of streets, squares and public spaces in 129 neighborhoods, will distribute free masks to students and teachers in all schools in Athens, will increase staff in municipal clinics of Athens and the days of blood donation, in order to meet the demand for blood, while there will be helplines: 210-3638049 (medical issues), 210-3637692 (psychological support) and 210-8839151 (employment support).

There will also be the Help at Home Plus program, which offers counseling and medical care to vulnerable groups, as well as the delivery of basic goods such as medicines and groceries.

Regarding the services, the municipality of Athens now offers 39 services online at and from September 1, the residents of the city will be able to make an appointment online or by phone in 1595 for these services.

Finally, on the island of Lesvos, which imposed stricter measures due to the increase in cases, the central General Hospital of Vostani announced that regular surgeries have been suspended until August 31, after two employees of the hospital tested positive for the virus.