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G. Patoulis: Warns of the risk of neglect of chronic diseases during the lockdown

The Medical Association of Athens expresses its concern about the risk of neglect of chronic diseases that significantly increased mortality during the first wave of the pandemic.

"At this critical time, we call on the medical world to mobilize for the patient and our country, which is fighting another battle with the invisible enemy", stressed, commenting on the issue, the President of ISA, G. Patoulis.

The Association calls on private primary care physicians to maintain the smooth operation of their clinics by adhering to strict precautionary measures, to protect patients and at the same time contribute to the decongestion of public hospitals.

The medical community will once again remain consistent in its duties to ensure that the health of the chronically ill or patients who develop an emergency health problem is not endangered.

"Primary care must remain strong and become the breakwater so that public hospitals are not burdened", G. Patoulis said.
"In no case should the monitoring of patients suffering from chronic diseases be weakened, because the deregulation of their diseases will cause complications that on the one hand will endanger their health and on the other hand will lead them to hospitals, which however should not further aggravated to lift the burden of the epidemic. The doctors of Athens will remain on the front line of the battle to defend the patient, public health and our homeland ".