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Greece: “Green Pass“ available in paper or digital format from 1st June

Greece is ready to issue an EU Digital Covid-19 Certificate to facilitate travel, starting on1st June, according to Greek authorities.

More specifically, Greece will be able to grant the certificates to its residents next month after successfully passing simulation tests. Greece is one of 17 EU countries to have participated in the tests, EU Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders confirmed on Friday.  

Health passport is aimed at facilitating movement within the EU and is set to go into effect most likely on June 20.

It is reminded that the certificates, which EU member states agreed provisionally to last week, will indicate whether the holder has been vaccinated against Covid-19, has a negative PCR test result, or proof of recovery.

How Greeks Can Issue Their ‘Green Pass’

Residents of Greece can as of June 1 get their EU Digital Covid-19 Certificates by logging into: and using their TAXISnet passwords or the social security AMKA number.

The issued certificates can be used across the EU, will be accepted by all member states, and will ensure the holder will not be subject to restrictions or quarantine.

They will include a QR code with a digital signature aimed at protecting from forgery which will be verified on the Commission’s EU Gateway portal. 

The ‘green pass’ will include the following information: name, date of birth, date of issue, vaccination details, negative diagnostic results, or recovery info, and will contain a unique identification code. 

The EU Covid-19 Certificate will be free of charge and available in paper or digital format.

Personal information will not be collected or held by the countries the traveler is visiting. 

Under last week’s deal, the certificate should be in place for 12 months.