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Greece in Top 20 Best Places to Be During Covid-19, Bloomberg says

Almost a year and a half into the pandemic, the best and worst places to be in the Covid-19 era are increasingly defined by one thing: normalization. 

Greece has made “reopening progress”, according to Bloomberg, moving up the resilience ranking this month from 33rd spot in May to 19th in June making, it into the Top 20 best places to be in during Covid-19.

According to Bloomberg analysts, the best and worst places to be in the Covid-19 era are now defined by “normalization” and the ability of economies to return to pre-pandemic times and to an improved quality of life through vaccination. In view of the change of focus, Bloomberg introduces a new element: Reopening Progress.

Aiming to assess which of the 53 economies under examination are reopening best, the Bloomberg Covid Resilience Ranking zeroed in on vaccination rollout progress, lockdown severity, and two new metrics tracking ease of travel and how much air travel has recovered, in addition to 10 other measures tracking mortality rates to infection counts, freedom of movement to economic growth.

In the lead, the US with an overall resilience score of 76, thanks to its fast and far-reaching vaccination campaign, followed by New Zealand (73.7), Switzerland (72.9), Israel (72.9), and France (72.8).

Greece is in the 19th spot with an overall resilience score of 65.8, a total of 36.9 percent vaccinated, 45th in terms of lockdown severity, and down by 42.9 percent in flight capacity.