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Hotel Requirements for Pets

Most pet-friendly hotels have the same basic requirements for pets:

  • Must not be aggressive 
  • Must be clean
  • Must not have fleas
  • Must have proof of current vaccinations
  • Must use designated areas and owners must clean pet waste immediately and dispose of it in designated receptacles
  • Pet owners are usually required to sign agreements stating they will be financially responsible for any damage caused by the pet and any expenses incurred by the hotel for pet disturbances.

Other common requirements include a non-refundable pet guest fee or a refundable deposit to guard against damages.

What happens when your room -or your pet- gets dirty? When this happens, most pet-friendly hotels will request that you remove the pet from the room during housekeeping, and most prefer that you do not bathe your pet in the hotel bathtub. Pet-friendly hotels must maintain the quality of their rooms no matter what the circumstance, so many ask that you clean dirt or sand from your pet's paws before letting it enter the room. Some even supply special pet towels and wipes to streamline this process.

Some pet-friendly hotels are friendlier than others 

Some supply emergency food, waste-disposal bags, dog leashes, kennels and carriers, pet beds and bedding, treats, gifts, and even pet services, including grooming, walking, sitting, and veterinary care.

Although some hotels understand how important your pet is to you and may even want to pamper it, others are less understanding. Unfortunately, it may be easier for you to leave your pet at home.

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