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Hotel Rules for Pets

If you're planning a vacation and want to include your pet, you'll need to know what rules pet-friendly hotels have. 

Every pet-friendly hotel has its own rules, and these rules can vary among chain hotel locations.

  • Some hotels limit the number of pets you can bring and how much they can weigh. 
  • Some allow only certain types of pets. For example, some only allow dogs. Should you decide to risk it and bring your cat, know that pet owners who break the rules are subject to fines.

When you travel with your pet, you must make sure your hotel has its pet policies in writing. You may want to know, for example, if the hotel requires your pet to be kenneled at all times during your visit.
Learn about the hotel's leash policy. Some hotels require that pets remain on leashes at all times, while other hotels have leash-free policies and leash-free play areas.

Even the pet-friendliest hotels may ask that owners not allow pets on the furniture or beds. Other hotels provide sheets to be placed on furniture and used to cover the bed, so the pet is free to relax next to its owner or elsewhere.

Generally, all hotels have designated areas for pets to relieve themselves; some even have wide-open leash-free play areas the whole family can enjoy.

Make sure that you review the most common hotel requirements for pet owners before you book your stay.