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Karpathos: the Covid-free island of Greece

Karpathos almost "extinguished" the coronavirus in July, and is planning this year's tourist season with greater optimism.

According to the data published yesterday by the National Organization of Public Health for the percentage of positivity per Regional Unit, in the island of Dodecanese, the specific percentage is zero (!), Showing that so far Karpathos wins the bet of the pandemic.

Even if some cases are confirmed on the island, they are immediately isolated in order to avoid dispersion in the community, as stated by the mayor of Karpathos, Giannis Nisyrios.

Indicative is the data of EODY from the 1st of July which gradually turns Karpathos into a covid-free model. According to them, from the first day of the month until the 21st, only four cases of coronavirus have been detected on the island. One concerns the 7th of July, one the 11th, and the other two the 21st of July.

"We continue the strict controls at the port and at the airport. That's why we keep the indices low. Any cases arising from the inspections are immediately quarantined. So far, the vaccination coverage in Kalymnos reaches 75 to 80% and we are moving forward. "Now we have started a new list of teenagers aged 15-17 who want to be vaccinated", says the mayor of the island.

Optimistic messages for tourism from Karpathos
The good epidemiological data of the island have an impact on tourism, since more and more, foreigners and Greeks, choose to visit Karpathos. It is reported that Karpathos has a capacity of about 19,000 beds.