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Stricter coronavirus lockdown restrictions in Greece as of Sunday

The Greek government on Saturday, the second day of the new year, announced stricter Covid-19-related lockdown restrictions in the country, with implementation beginning on Sunday, and for a period of one week.

The aim, according to the government spokesman, is to keep exposure to the virus at low levels, thus allowing schools to open on Jan. 11.

Among others, the "click away" option for ordering and picking up non-durable goods from stores and shops' doorways is suspended. Additionally, beauty salons, barber shops, bookstores and the inter-city bus network (KTEL) are suspended for week. Strangely, so are outdoor sporting activities, such as fishing and hunting.


The spokesman reiterated that the annual Sanctification of the Waters and tossing of the Cross ceremonies by Orthodox hierarchs and clerics on Jan. 6 - the annual feast day of the Epiphany, known as Theophany in the Orthodox Church - will not be held outdoors, but within cathedrals and chapels, but without the presence of worshippers.

The presence of worshippers during Church-going will again be allowed after Jan. 11.

The evening curfew again extends from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.