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Tourists Guidelines for the 2nd Lockdown in Greece

The Greek Tourism Ministry recently announced guidelines for visitors that are arriving, leaving or already staying in Greece during the national lockdown.

Greece has been in lockdown since November 7,  to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country, and movement is restricted with exceptions. The government has announced that the lockdown will end on November 30.

According to an announcement on the ministry’s website:

For visitors LEAVING Greece
During November 7-30, foreign tourists that are already in Greece and have to depart for their country, must have their booking/airline ticket handy when traveling towards the airport (by public transport, taxi or private car) in case a check is made by authorities.

For visitors IN Greece
Outside movement of tourists staying in Greece until November 30 is allowed only for essential reasons that apply to all residents in the country. Movement outdoors is allowed by sending an SMS to the five-digit mobile phone service 13033.

The ministry advises tourists to avoid unnecessary movement outside their accommodation (hotel, resort or apartment) except for essential reasons.

“In this case the hotel should inform them of essential movement reasons and of the documents or sms required,” the ministry says.

Instructions for essential movement (documents/sms), as well as other rules, can also be found here.

For visitors ARRIVING in Greece
Visitors, who are scheduled to arrive in Greece by November 30, must show their reservation for accommodation to authorities upon request, during their movement to their places of stay (hotel, resort or apartment).

Useful information

– Wearing a mask is mandatory everywhere in public (indoors and outdoors).

– As of Friday, November 13, a night curfew will be in force in Greece from 9 pm to 5 am.
During the night curfew, movement (with identification) in Greece will be allowed by sending an SMS to the five-digit mobile phone service 13033 and only for the reasons relating to health (SMS – Option 1), walking a pet close to residence (SMS – Option 6) and work (with the required employer certificate, no SMS is needed).

– Visitors in Greece should know that travel between prefectures (domestic travel) is allowed only for returning to permanent residence (proof will be required), family reunification, business reasons and health reasons.

– A number of businesses in Greece, including retail stores, bars, cafes and restaurants will remain closed during lockdown. Takeaway services are available.

Individuals caught violating movement restrictions will face strict penalties which reach up to 300 euros.

For further information, press here.