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Travelers from all over the world share their love for Rhodes in a new digital campaign that aims to attract new visitors to the island.

The campaign is an initiative of the Municipality of Rhodes and will last for five months. The campaign has a promotional video with travelers' stories about their experiences from their visit to Rhodes and the reasons why they especially love the wonderful Greek island.

As part of the campaign, travelers create their own videos and post them on Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms using the hashtags #WhatILoveAboutRhodes and #Rhodes.

"Our goal is to encourage visitors to tell their own stories through photos and videos on social media and in this way motivate other travelers to visit the island," said in a statement the Municipality of Rhodes.

To further promote the campaign, the municipality created a special website - - which includes campaign promotional videos, visitor posts, vlogs - uploads uploaded by influencers to YouTube and travel tips from visitors.